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A Little Bit of History For The Celebration of Christmas - Winter Festivals

Christmas is an ancient celebration, and has been a celebrated Holiday throughout history. Even before the birth of Christ there were winter celebrations. Early civilizations in Europe celebrated the winter solstice, the longer winter days were behind them and they could look forward to longer daylight and warmer weather.

The end of winter was better for celebrating in most of Europe. Meat was plentiful as the cattle were slaughtered at that time and there was plenty to drink as the wine and beer would be ready with the fermentation.

The Norse were one of the civilizations who celebrated at that time for Yule. December 21st through January. They burned a huge log, the flame would represent the return of the sun. They would feast until the log was burnt out. This could last close to 12 days. When the flames would spark and pop the Norse believed it meant a new pig or calf would come the following year.

Celebrating Christmas In America

Christmas tradition celebrations however are fairly recent in the USA. The Puritans banned any celebration of Christmas when they came to the New World. This was because most of the celebrations were for the winter and pagan festivals and not for the birth of Christ. These festivals involved the merriment and drunkenness which did not suit the Puritans belief.

The celebrations of course did make it's way into the USA by new people coming. The Germans brought us Christmas trees and around 1840 most people decorated trees and celebrated Christmas, Christmas became a National Holiday in 1870. The Victorian era brought highly decorated glass bulbs and cards. Christmas today is full of traditions from all over the world. It wouldn't be Christmas without that pine filling the air, or Santa coming to give gifts. What we can not forget though is the main reason of why Christmas is celebrated for most, is because of Christ's birth.
Cardinals do not migrate for the winter. Cardinals and Holly are pictured frequently on Christmas cards and decorations.

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